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Time Warner Cable’s Everyday Low Price Internet Review: $14.99 A Month

Time Warner Cable's Everyday Low Price Internet Review: $14.99 A Month

Back in 2013 Time Warner Cable introduced the affordable “Everyday Low Price” internet plan. While the speeds aren’t groundbreaking (3Mbps and uploads up to 1Mbps), the appeal to the Everyday Low Price plan is that it’s just $14.99 + taxes a month. Unlike other Time Warner Cable internet plans, this is not a promotional rate that will double after 12 months. Time Warner describes this plan as a reliable connection for everyday singular device use. Are they selling themselves short on what this plan can offer? You bet they are!

Unsurprisingly, Time Warner Cable wants you to upgrade to their more expensive plan. However, the Everyday Low Price plan is generally sufficient. For example, I telecommute to work. This involves remoting into computers and servers all day, streaming the contents of their screens to my home computer. Meanwhile, another laptop is simultaneously streaming YouTube tutorials and Pandora without issues while my girlfriend is also streaming YouTube videos and browsing image-heavy sites like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Now all this aside, the Everyday Low Price internet plan does have its drawbacks. For instance, if I want to stream 1080p YouTube videos, I have to wait an entire 3 seconds for it to initially buffer!… Joking aside, the 3Mbps download can cause large file downloads, like games or movies, to load for over an hour. A common criticism across the internet of the Everyday Low Price plan is its perceived inability to handle online gaming. Interestingly, online gaming requires little bandwidth (usually less than 1Mbps download and 1Mbps upload). Instead, it’s heavily dependent on latency (aka “ping”). However, a higher tier internet plan will not necessarily reduce latency.

Regardless of which Time Warner Cable internet plan you choose, all plans are susceptible to the following fees:

  • Internet Modem Rental ($8.00 a month): This is the monthly fee to rent a cable modem from Time Warner Cable. However, you can provide your own modem to avoid this fee–which I recommend if you can afford it.  Owning your modem can save you money in less than a year. You can learn about buying a Time Warner Cable modem at
  • Internet Modem Rental + Home WiFi ($12.95 a month):  This monthly fee is the same as the Intenet Modem Rental except that the rental modem will include WiFi. Again, you can buy a modem with built-in WiFi or even just buy a wireless router and plug it into a rental modem without WiFi. Again, you can learn about buying a Time Warner Cable modem at
  • Installation Fee (varies by location): Installation fees fluctuate. However, you can usually avoid this fee by doing “self-service” if Time Warner Cable has previously provided service to your location. Also, this fee does not apply when upgrading or downgrading a pre-existing Time Warner Cable internet plan.

Overall, my experience has been positive. Yes, the Everyday Low Price $14.99 plan is still expensive per Mb compared to other countries, but I can load all the content I want at a relatively affordable cost (compared to other plans in the US). Additionally, while this plan is acceptable for 1-2 heavy internet users, it may be worth bumping up a tier if you have more in your household.

Time Warner Cable’s Everyday Low Price internet plan works for me, but how about you? What’s the sweet spot of price/performance for you? Share with us in the comments below.

  • Patsey Manning

    I too have the ELP plan from TWC. I have a TWC modem, my own Belkin router for wifi. I have no problem being able to stream to my tv via my Roku. I ditched cable TV in 2015, no regrets, I have an indoor antenna for local stations( get about 16!) and I love my Netflix. 🙂 It is all good for me!

    • earth777

      same here love ELP and owning my own modem + Obi220 box for free Google Voice home phone

      • Patsey Manning


  • Ryan Carolan

    I have the ELP plan from TWC too. I didn’t notice that I couldn’t continue to add more devices. When I started the plan I was only using my laptop and my iphone with no problems. Then I bought a smart tv with built in apps. I like to buy my movies through Vudu, and I stream Pandora through my smart tv. I had a wireless printer in storage that wirelessly prints, scans, and sends/receives faxes, and I decided to hook it up to my network–that’s when I noticed the problem. The ELP plan will only simultaneously run about 2 or 3 devices before it is overloaded. I opened an online chat session with a TWC rep, and the rep said that I needed to upgrade in order to run my devices simultaneously. So, in order to work around it, when I want to print, I turn my printer on–and I turn my other wifi signal-device sucking gadgets off to execute my typical, ocassional here-and-there print job necessity. I’m usually printing from my iphone or my laptop. So, I turn off my wifi signal on my iphone or the Pandora I’m streaming on my smart tv in order whittle down my connections to two needed gadgets–the one I’m using to print from and the wireless printer. Maybe one day I’ll spend the extra money to have em all run at once on my network–for now, I will work around it with no complaints.

  • Alan S. Lee

    My current TWC plan is $49.99/month, and I will not use as much internet in the future except that I need to use Skype with my folks overseas. It is tempting to switch to the ELP plan to save money, but I am not sure whether it will be fast enough for Skype to work. What do you guys think? Thanks a lot!

    • earth777

      It will work just fine. I use Skype for Business everyday for work.

  • Channeling: Fred…

    Thanks for the tips. Did they charge you a fee to change your service?

    FYI, TWC has changed their website so that information about this plan is not available from your links.