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Bring Your Own Modem to Eliminate Modem Rental Fees

Did you know that many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) charge a monthly modem rental fee just so you connect to the internet? More importantly, did you know you can put that money back into your pocket each month by providing your own modem?

ISPs make more money off of you when you rent their modem. For this reason,  they often provide little information on how to purchase your own. However, I’ve created a website to help you determine what modem is best for your situation so you can start saving money.

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Is your ISP charging you monthly fees for your modem? Or have other tips to save money on bills? Tell us about it in the comments below.

  • Ebay is a great resource to get routers that are compatible with the cable companies. Always check with the cable companies to find out a router is compatible.