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How to Disable Android Bloatware (Without Root)

Bloatware, the load of unwanted applications on your Android device installed by cell phone manufacturers and carriers, are not only annoying, but also waste limited phone resources. While you cannot entirely remove bloatware without root, you can disable and hide them, which is the next best thing. Here’s how to remove bloatware to speed up your phone, reclaim storage space, reduce the number applications requiring updates, and unleashing your phone’s potential.

To begin picking off bloatware, navigate to Settings inside your app drawer and select Apps.

Now is the difficult part. It is time to start disabling apps you don’t want or need. However, if you disable the wrong app, your phone may experience issues. Swipe the apps menu to the All tab. Next, select the app you want to disable.

Now simply press Disable. If your phone works fine after you disable an application, go ahead and leave it that way. If your phone starts experiencing issues, navigate back to Apps in Settings and then navigate to the Disabled tab. Select the app you want and then press Enable.

For best result, wait a while after disabling an app before disabling another. This gives you time to ensure that you phone is still working properly before disabling another app. Disabling too many apps at once can make it difficult to locate the trouble app(s) that can cause issues when disabled.

Has bloatware been a nuisance on your phone? Or have another tip to increase phone performance? Tell us about it in the comments below.