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15 Ways to Make Extra Money as a Teen or Adult

Despite your age everyone can use a little extra cash for a new toy or just to pay the bills. Here are 15 ways to make extra money as a teenager or an adult:

1. Start Blogging:

Starting a blog was something I postponed doing as a teenager. I had the ideas, but not the drive to sit down and write. I thought that it would be difficult to start and nearly impossible to make money. Having finally started this blog, I realize that this is not the case. Anyone can start a blog, thanks to the simplicity of blogging platforms like Blogger and WordPress. Additionally, profit starts adding up as you develop more content to monetize on your blog.

To begin, find a topic you are passionate about and just start writing. The main objective in writing is to produce quality content. Produce content that answers a question that your readers have. Bloggers that do not produce quality content, do not last long-term. Lastly, If you’re worried about the quality or your writing, start writing anyway. All that matters is if you can get your point across. If you can get you point across, somebody will find it useful.

2. Teach Your Skills:

Everyone is good at something, so why not monetize that knowledge? Whether you are good at Algebra or Piano, somebody is willing to pay for what you know.

Teaching and Tutoring also pair great with blogging. Because you have the unique perspective of knowing what questions beginners have, you can develop blog posts to answer these questions for a worldwide audience.

3. Create YouTube Videos:

If blogging isn’t your thing, maybe vlogging (video blogging) is. The objective remains the same as blogging–produce quality content; however, the means of conveying the message changes. Additionally, one thing that makes vlogging easier than blogging is that YouTube takes care of generating the traffic. All the producer has to do is continue making videos.

4. Run Apps on Old Phones:

Surprisingly, phones are good for more than just Candy Crush. For instance, Perk TV is an application that pays you for watching advertisements. If you have old phones lying around or if you are willing to purchase some cheap phones to run the app, you can make a decent amount of money for doing practically nothing. If you’re interested, there is also an entire blog post devoted to running Perk TV on multiple phones.

5. Rent Computer Processing Power:

I have an entire article devoted to making money while your computer idles. All you have to do is install a program called Gomez Peer on a computer and watch the money come in. The more computers you can install it on, the more money you can receive. This software doesn’t make a lot of money, but you can easily make $5 a month for doing nothing.

6. Recycle:

Recycling was a large source of income for me when I was younger. However, the time vs. reward factor can be disappointing. Therefore, when recycling for profit, only gather higher value metals like aluminum and copper unless you have the space to store low-value metals like iron and steel.

Aluminum cans generally sell for around $0.40 per pound at roughly 35 cans per pound. Copper is considerably more valuable, but harder to gather. Check with your local recycler for current metal buying prices to determine what is worth gathering.

7. Repair Computers:

I have written an entire post dedicated to starting a computer repair business on the side. It is easy to make an occasional $40+ profit per job once you know what you are doing. Consequently, you really need to know what you are doing when dealing with other people’s sensitive data. You can get an a lot of trouble if something goes wrong.

8. Repair Phones:

Most phone repairs are surprisingly easy. You can usually buy the parts off of Amazon or eBay. Additionally, the parts often come with the required tools. Once the parts come in, take the phone and watch a YouTube tutorial on how to make the repair. You can easily make $50 doing a screen or battery replacement. Furthermore, if you know someone that is retiring a phone because of a defect, ask if you can have it, make the required repair, and sell it for a larger profit.

9. Change Oil:

Everyone should know how to do basic car maintenance. However, most people don’t know anything about cars, which provides an opportunity for us that do or are willing to learn.

Once you have the proper tools, making money performing an oil change involves nothing more than buying the oil and filter, draining the old oil, replacing the filter, and filling it back up. There are several tutorials on YouTube that can walk you through this process in more detail.

10. Mow Lawns:

If you have been looking online for how to make money, there is no doubt that you have come across this 100 time. However, everyone mentions making money mowing lawns because it works. All you need to get started is a lawn mower, gasoline, and a little motivation. Although, if you want to make your lawn mowing service more unique, try starting an environmentally friendly mowing service by purchasing a manual reel mower. You can then charge more for your environmentally friendly lawn service because you are not burning fossil fuels or contributing to noise pollution.

11. Post Stuff on Craigslist:

Obviously, you could sell your stuff on Craigslist, but you can also help sell other people’s junk. Creating a craigslist post is about as easy as sending an email; however, many older individuals are not comfortable doing it. As a teenager, I consistently made 10% commission off each post I made for other people. I didn’t even have to deal with the buyer. Just create a post for the seller and then take it down after the item is sold.

12. Create Websites:

Every business is expected to have some sort of website with at least basic information like hours, location, and a phone number. Find a small business and offer to create a basic website for them. If you don’t know how to create a website, there are countless YouTube tutorials on the subject.

13. Donate Plasma

Plasma is a component of blood that contains clotting qualities and helps transport nutrients through the bloodstream. A large variety of individuals require plasma for different issues. Luckily, you can not only help these people, but also get paid for your time to do so. Donating plasma is similar to donating blood except that you receive money afterward instead of a cookie and a sticker. You can learn more about donating plasma at

14. Do Tasks on Amazon Mechanical Turk:

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a website that allows users to complete “Hits” for small monetary compensation. Hits generally consist of data entry jobs that pay $0.01-$0.05 each. Many people claim to have made a steady income from Amazon Mechanical Turk, but this has not been my experience. I occasionally utilize Amazon Mechanical Turk while watching TV. I sit down and do a ton of hit transcribing sales receipt and make a couple of dollars here and there. However, I have not had much success making more than a couple dollars an hour.

15. Get  a  Regular Job:

Lame, I know. However, nothing will be more consistent than an old-fashion job. Ideally you could find a job in a field you are at least mildly interested in that will allow you to develop skills for a more appealing job. None the less, if you are looking for a steady income, getting a regular job is a great place to start.

Have more money making ideas? Tell us about it in the comments below.