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Use a USB-to-Serial Adapter on a Chromebook with Beagle Term

I love my Acer C720 Chromebook. However, as a Network Administrator I was constantly having to switch over to my Windows laptop to use a USB-to-Serial adapter to configure networking equipment. At least until I discovered an application called Beagle Term for Chrome.

Beagle Term

Platform: Google Chrome
Price: Free
Download Page

What is it?

Beagle Team a serial terminal emulator, written entirely in JavaScript and can be added to any device that supports Google Chrome Apps–For instance, Chrome OS. Additionally, it is lightweight, easy to use, open-source, and free!

Bottom Line

Beagle Term is a necessity for anyone that has to use USB-to-Serial adapters–especially with a Chromebook. In my experience, not only is it super easy to install (you press one button), but it is much easier than connecting to a serial interface with PuTTY on a Windows device.

Have any great Chrome apps that you don’t know how others can live without? Or have anything to add about Beagle Term? Tell us about it in the comments below.