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Save Money on Batteries with a Universal Remote

Universal remotes are very convenient, but you may not have known that they can also be cost-effective in the long-term.

On average, batteries in a remote control last 3-6 months. Buying batteries for all your remotes can really add up. For instance, all three proprietary remotes I own require two AAA batteries, which can be about on Amazon for about $0.90 each. That is $1.80 per a remote every 3-6 months. For me, that comes out to about $5.40 every 3-6 months for my three remotes, or I could migrate to a single universal remote for $1.80 every 3-6 months, instead. That is a savings of $7.20-$14.40 a year in batteries for me. Because I bought a remote for $10, I can see a return on my investment in less than a year PLUS I have the convenience of a universal remote!

If you’re a cord cutter like myself, you may not have known that you can get universal remotes that are also Roku compatible for a great value from Amazon. A couple of the top value remotes on Amazon at the time of this article are:

If you have more than two remote, I strongly suggest you look into consolidating to a single universal one.

Have any tips on purchases that can save money in the long-term? Tell us about it in the comments below.