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How I Shave for Less than $7.33 a Year

Over a year and a half ago I noticed how much I was spending on shaving products. After a bit of research, I discovered safety razors and never plan of going back to modern razors again.

I was a little skeptical the first time I used a safety razor. After all, a triple-blade razor has to give a much better shave than a single-blade razor, right? Wrong. After my first smooth shave, I personally validated that modern razors are just a bunch of marketing hype. Not only did I get a great shave in the same amount of time, but it was dirt cheap too.

A year and a half ago I spent $22 total for a safety razor, 100 extra blades, shaving soap, a bowl, and a brush, and not only have I not restocked during this time, but expect it all to last me at least another year and a half. For my shaving habits, that’s $7.33 a year! How long do you think you could get by with $7.33 of modern razors and shaving cream?

Here is a breakdown of everything I bought to start out along with the prices at the time of this post:

Silver Tone Double Edge Razor Shaver: $3.18

Derby Extra Double Edge Razor Blades, 100 Count: $9.57

Van Der Hagen Premium Shave Set (Soap, Bowl, Brush): $9.99

Total: $22.74

To get an idea of how long this will last you based on your shaving habits, each blade is usually good for 3-5 shaves. If you are just doing touch-ups or have a thin beard, it can last much longer.

Anyone else ever used a safety razor? Or have any questions about them? Talk about it in the comments section below.