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Characteristics and Behaviors of an Excellent Support Technician

Being a support technician can be difficult. Not only do you get to listen to people complain all day, but you also rarely get feedback on how to make the experience better for the user or yourself.  Here are some characteristics and behaviors I have discovered over the years to make the job a little better.


Chances are you have seen just about every issue in the book if you have been with a company for a while. You know what the answer is immediately after the user calls, but they continue drowning on. That said, never cut them off. Listen to everything they have to say, find a good place to chime in, and then resolve the issue.


Know all there is to know about what you support. End users can tell when you are struggling. Additionally, they are even more frustrated if they think they know more about the issue than you. Read, everything you can find about what you’re supporting, and get as much hands-on experience as possible.


If your company does not have a step-by-step guide on how to resolve issues, make your own. Take notes during every ticket. Jot down the issue the user is experiencing, and then each step you took until you reach a resolution. After a while, you should be able to find patterns of what works and what doesn’t for a given issue. This can drastically, decrease the time it takes to close a ticket.


Try to enjoy what you do. Nobody wants to talk to a support technician that sounds like they at the end of an eight-hour shift. Perk up! Try to make a game out of what you are doing. Make wagers with coworkers over who can close the most tickets in a given period. Whatever it takes. Users love to have a friendly person excited to help them.


No matter what profession you are in, your clients are going to say something stupid. We may want to laugh out loud or just sigh and hang up the phone, but if you want to excel (or keep your job), you need to maintain composure. If a user says something that you think is ridiculous, just keep your tone, and power through it.

Have any more tips on becoming an excellent support technician? Tell us about it in the comments section below.