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How to Gain Experience in the Tech Industry

All tech students are told “Oh that’s a great field! You won’t have a problem finding a job.” However, many tech graduates cannot land a job in this “high demand” field. Why? Because most have no real-world experience.

Experience matters. Sure, you have a pretty degree that displays your dedication to this field, but so do most job applicants. You look exactly the same as the other hundred applicants for the job. So what was the purpose of a degree? Foundation. Foundations and theory are great, but most graduates have no idea how to apply this to real world scenarios. Employers know this, and they are not about to hire someone who needs training on how to do every little thing.

So how do you gain experience in a field that won’t accept you until you have experience? You find somewhere desperate enough to deal your screw ups (trust me, they will happen). This is easiest by volunteering your services. Non-profit organizations are generally excited to have anyone bring their neglected systems into the 21st century. Start with tune-ups and probably some virus removal, and then just work forward from there with as much as the organization will allow. Set goals and reach them. Keep in mind that not everything you do will relate to your desired career path. However, this is to get you in the door of a paying company, so do whatever you can. All the while, add your accomplishments to your résumé and keep applying.