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6 Tips to Becoming a Better Scout in Team Fortress 2

The Scout, an agile asset to any side in Team Fortress 2 if played correctly. Otherwise, the Scout can easily become a nuisance their own team. Here are some basic tips to improve the skills of anyone interested in the Scout.

  1. Aim with the Keyboard. An untrained Scout can always be identified by its spastic motions and inability to hit their target. This is commonly because they are darting their mouse all over the place, trying to get the shot. Instead, the mouse should generally be used for small motions and the majority of aiming should be done with the keyboard while moving. This will give you a much steadier and accurate shot.
  2. Don’t Stop. With a base health of 125 HP, one good hit could (probably will) kill you. The best preventative measure for this is to not give your enemies a chance to line up a shot. Even when nobody appears to be around, keep moving.
  3.  Don’t Be Predictable. I told you to always move, but that doesn’t mean to move in a predictable manner. Add some zigzags and spontaneous jumps. If the enemy can determine where you’re going, they can set up a shot before you get there.
  4. Get Close and Get Out. Shooting a Scattergun at an enemy halfway across the arena is not only a waste of ammo but also leaves you vulnerable while you try line up the shot. close in the space between you and you enemy in order to take a shot, and get the hell out of there. Your job is to deal damage, distract, and then get out of site before you die.
  5. Increase Mouse Sensitivity. As a scout, agility is key. If you don’t take advantage of this, you die. Increase you sensitivity enough to have the ability to jump over an enemy, do an 180-degree spin, and shoot them on your way down.
  6. Know the Arena. Most importantly, know where all the health pack are. If you’re get lost with low health, you will die in an instant.

Have any more Scout tips? Or are you having trouble with one in particular? Let me know in the comments below.